Tianbao Xie

Tianbao Xie

Undergraduate in Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Institue of Technology


I will join the NLP Group of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong as an incoming Ph.D. in 2022 Fall guided by Dr. Tao Yu and Dr. Lingpeng Kong. Previously, I have done research intern at Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval (SCIR), Harbin Institute of Technology, supervised by Ph.D. candidate Libo Qin and Prof. Wanxiang Che.

Recent progress💡.

2022-02, One of our work has been accepted to ACL 2022 (main).

2022-01, We released UnifiedSKG, check it out.

Some of my 00s friends🤗:

Fuxuan Wei(incoming Master of HIT-SCIR LA, guided by Prof. Wanxiang Che), Weiyun Wang(incoming PhD of Fudan University, guided by Prof.Qi Zhang), Xinhao Tao(incoming Master of SJTU, guided by Prof. Li Niu), Li Shi(incoming Master of ETHz, Cyber Security), Zhuoning Guo(incoming PhD of HKUST, guided by Prof. Hao Liu).

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Language Understanding
  • Dialogue System
  • B.Eng. in Computer Science, 2022

    Harbin Institute of Technology


Natural Language Processing Group (HKU-NLP), HKU
Research Intern
Natural Language Processing Group (HKU-NLP), HKU
May 2021 – Present Hong Kong SAR, China
Start a new journey under the guidance of Tao and Lingpeng! Thanks to the fund from UGC and HKU for HKPFS and HKU-PS!
Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval (SCIR), HIT
Research Intern
Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval (SCIR), HIT
Mar 2020 – Jun 2022 Harbin, China
SCIR ranks top-5 in NLP of the world in the near 20 years according to csranking. It’s my greatest honor to be guided by Qin and I learnt a lot during his guidance and our cooperation.
Harbin Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Student
Harbin Institute of Technology
Aug 2018 – Jun 2022 Harbin, China
Harbin Institute of Technology is one of the best schools in China(C9 League). It’s my honor to study here during my undergraduate days. Thanks to the fund of Honors School!


Hong Kong PhD Fellowship
Top-notch Student Training Plan 2.0, Excellent Student
Kwang-Hua Scholarship
National Scholarship
National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction, Second Prize
Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, First Prize
Excellent Club Leader
Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Meritorious Winner
Excellent Student Leader, Model
National Scholarship